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The London Gazette Issue 44173 Page 12416

Shirley, Derbys

The Minister of Transport hereby gives notice that she proposes to make an Order under section 153 of the above Act to authorise the diversion of a length of a footpath off Hall Lane, Shirley, near Brailswood, Derbyshire, in order to enable residential development to be carried out in accordance with planning permission granted to H. K. Marshall, F.I.A.S., A.R.I.C.S., by the Ashbourne R.D.C.

The Diversion to be authorised will involve the provision of a new footpath maintainable at the public expense, for which the highway authority is to be the Derbyshire C.C.

During three months from the 18th November 1966 copies of the draft Order and relevant plan may be inspected free of charge at all reasonable hours at the Ashbourne R.D.C. Offices, Compton Offices, Ashbourne, and at the address of the Chairman of the Shirley Parish Meeting, Shirley House, Shirley, and may be obtained free of charge from the Ministry of Transport (quoting the reference HLL 70/8/0101) at the address stated below.

Within the above mentioned period of three months, any person may by notice to the Minister of Transport (Ref. HLL 70/8/0101), St. Christopher House, Southwark Street, London S.E.I, object to the making of the Order.

J. M. Entwistle, A Principal Executive Officer.

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