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The Saracen's Head

The Saracen’s Head Public House is dated 1791. It takes its name from the crest of the Shirley family which is a Saracen’s head, as Sewallis, an ancestor of the Shirley’s died fighting against the Saracens during the Crusades.

Robert Goodall is known to have been the landlord between 1807 and 1855.
1857 – William Rix was the landlord and farmer when the pub was sold in 1858. It consisted of about 9¼ acres.
1863 – 1882 Willam Twigg who had a "riot" in 1877 and had to intervene in a fight in 1882.
1892 – 1918 The Mellors: Thomas (who died being run over by a tramcar) and Elizabeth followed by their son Thomas William with Isabella.[1]
1914 – The Mellors quit farming and sold that side of the business.
1918 – Pub closed and used as a farmhouse. It opened again the following year.
1922 – Mrs A Coxon advertised for a mother's help.
1924 – Mrs. Hill was offering rooms for rent at a "quiet village inn".
1927 – sold as a farm by the Executors of D Rushton.
1947 – J Brown (uncited).
1960s – Bob Cox.

The pub was "refurbished" by Ind Coope in 1971 and an extension was built in 2008.

Kevin Lloyd (Tosh Lines of the TV series The Bill) was a regular as was Lionel Pickering, owner of Derby County, until he bought the Yew Tree at Ednaston.

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