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The British Flag

was published by the United British Army Scripture-Readers and Soldiers' Friend Society.

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A well attended meeting was held at the Schoolroom of this village on Wednesday the 12th February in aid of the funds of the British Army Scripture readers and Soldiers Friend Society.
The chair was taken by the Rev Eardley Wilmot Michell the vicar formerly in the Bengal Artillery. The proceedings were opened by singing and prayer after which the chairman addressed those assembled by pointing out to them how by the exertions and labours of the British sailor and soldier they were enabled to sit at home at ease. Some of the dangers to which soldiers were continually exposed were briefly referred to also the trials to constitution the military man bad to undergo amidst the snows of the Canadas and under the burning sun of India East and West. But said the rev gentle man there was one thing far worse than all these with which the British soldier had continually to contend and this was sin Satan in every possible shape laid snares for him and the soldier was considered fair game by every land shark. Traps and pitfalls were ever around his feet and in his path and it was to provide means in the shape of books tracts and above all. Scripture readers to point our gallant defenders to "One mighty to save" that this Society aimed.
Captain Henslow 73rd Regiment and Mr P Whyman sometime agent for this society followed and pointed out the acceptability of the labours of this society among them to the men and the good resulting there from that the Christian soldier was always the best soldier the approval and support it met with from those in authority and its entire freedom from all sect or party feeling (See 2nd rule of Society). They begged those present to aid in the good work by their prayers for God's blessing on the Society's labours as well as by their money contributions A collection was made at the close of the meeting which is to bo applied to a fund for providing a Scripture reader to the 73rd Regiment

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