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Mitchell - The Vicarage

The Mitchell household was in Shirley from 1847 till 1872 while he was the vicar.

The 1851 census shows "Mr & Mrs Absent". House also consists of Eardley (son) and Honora (daughter). There were two servants: Mary Ann Brown and Elizabeth Brown. George Derbyshire was the garden labourer.

In October 1855 the family went to Tenby!

Eardley was present for the 1861 census. As were young Eardley and Honora. But there was no mention of Mrs Mitchell. Fredrick Hyndman was a visitor on the night of the census and the servants were:

Elizabeth Brown
Mary Brown
Elizabeth Goodall
Mary Palmer

Only the servants were present on the night of the 1871 census:

Sarah Goodall - domestic servant
Susan Cox - domestic servant
Mary Cox - domestic servant
Haber Dale - gardener
Richard Glover - agricultural labourer
Eliza Glover - wife of Richard
John Glover - son of Richard and Eliza Glover
George Glover - son of Richard and Eliza Glover

They sold up in late 1871 and moved to Walmer in Kent shortly after.