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Glover's Directory of the County of Derby

Published in 1829 and printed by Henry Mozley and Son, Derby. Full text of the entry is below.

SHIRLEY, a village, township and parish in the Hundred of Appletree.
Lord of the Manor, The Right Hon. Earl Ferrers.
Alport Edward, shoemaker
Blake William, schoolmaster, F.
Buckston John, farmer, Common
Chatfield Henry, farmer
Chawner Richard, farmer, F.
Dale Robert, farmer
Deakin William, farmer
Eames Thomas, tailor, F.
Gadsby William, blacksmith
Goodall Robert, vict.
Goodall Daniel, parish clerk
Goodwin George James, auctioneer
Jackson Joseph, farmer
Jackson George, farmer
Kniveton John, gent. farmer, F.
Leedham William, gent. farmer, F.
Maskery William, joiner
Morley William, butcher, F.
Morley J. farmer, F.
Pegge John, farmer
Pegge Joseph, farmer .
Shirley Rev. Walter, vicar, F.
Skeffington ____, farmer, F.
Steers John, farmer, F.
Steeples Robert, farmer, F.
Strong Thomas, gent. farmer, F.
Walker Charles, farmer
Walker Ralph, corn miller
Wibberly John, farmer, Wormsley, F.
Wright John, farmer
Yeomans Samuel, farmer, F.

Retrieved from Special Collections Online. A full pdf is available. The entry for Shirley is page 137. The "F." after a name isn't explained in the directory.