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Shirley Hall Farm

The historic home of the Shirleys. Now a working farm offering bed and breakfast accommodation ( The current building dates from the 16c but probably succeeds an earlier building.

The Farm was sold in 1858 and consisted of about 16½ acres. The tenant, William Goodall, farmed about 126 acres in total.

Building works, significant enough to advertise for bricklayers and labourers in the Derby Mercury, were being carried out in 1859.

The 1900 Brailsford and District Ploughing And Hedge-Cutting Society's competition was held here.

The farm was available from Lady Day 1904 for a rent of £230 and again in 1922 for £2 an acre.


Below are the tenants I know about:

18091830Robert Steeple
1835Joseph Skevington
18411858William Goodall
18601861William Hustwayte
18621877Francis Porter
18811895Robert Cresswell
19001911George D Lucas
19121921Peter Bourne
1922J P Bingham
1924William Groves
1949Edward Bowler

The dates are where there is evidence of occupation.