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Gifts left unto ye poor of Shirley and Yeaveley

Painted board inside the church. Text reads:

Gifts left unto ye poor,
of Shirly and Yeavly.
By Mr EDWARD PEGGE. Twenty Shillings
yearly fo ye Poor of Shirley, ten Shillings
Against Christmas and ten against Easter~
Allso fifteen Shillings yearly to ye poor of
yeavly feven Shillings and Six Pence Against
Christmas and feven Shillings and Six
~ xx ~   Pence against Easter   ~ xx ~
By Mrs ELIZABETH PEGG of Rodgly Six
Shillings and Eight Pence yearly to be gave
every Christmas to ye poor of Shirly ~
Allso three Shillings & four pence yearly
to be gave every Christmas to ye poor
~ xx ~   of yeavly   ~ xx ~
two Penny Loaves to be gave every,
Christmas day and twelve two Penny
~  Loaves every Easter day.  ~

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