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Shirley Mill Farm

Mentioned in Domesday, the current building is 19th century. It would appear that the farm and mill were often run as separate businesses.

In 1906 permission was granted by Ashbourne RDC for a bathroom.

Kellys 1912 lists "Wright Frank Limited, millers (water), Shirley mill; & at Ashbourne". Now trades as Trouw Nutrition.

In 1921, Frances Chadwick, of Clubwood Lodge, married Charles Kent of the Mount. Mr J Brown of the Mill was best man.

Under the Frank Wright banner, it announced limited opening hours during the 1920 summer months.

In 1927 a farm worker, Albert Wyrner, fell into the mill wheel and was killed.


1794 – Joseph Caldwell
1816 – Francis Mason.
1832 – Joseph Skevington.
1842 – N C Gelstorp.
1861, 71 – William Gilman.
1881 – Samuel Swindell.
1921 – 'Brown' – no further information.
1927 – David (Ray) Davis
1931 – Earnest Hand