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Shirley National School Admission Register (69 - 102)

The Admission Register should be kept exclusively by the Head Teacher, and made up at least once a week. Successive numbers should be allocated to the children on their admission so that each child may have its own number, which it should retain throughout its school career. A child who returns to school after an absence of any duration, would resume its original admission number.

This Register should show for each child in the school.

  1. Its number on the register.
  2. The date of its admission or re-admission, day, month and year.
  3. Name in full, Christian and Surname.
  4. The name and address of its parent or guardian.
  5. Whether exemption from religious instruction is claimed.
  6. The exact date of the child's birth, day, month and year.
  7. The last school (if any) it attended before entering this school.
  8. The highest standard in which it was there presented.
  9. The successive standards in which presented at this school.
  10. The date of leaving.

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