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Derby Mercury 13 Dec 1792

The several persons whose names are hereunder written, residing in or near to, or having property within, the several Townships or Liberties of Longford, Thurvaston, Rodsley, Hollington, Shirley, Yeovley, Brailsford, Wyaston, Alkmonton, and Bentley, in the County of Derby, having entered into an association for apprehending and effectively prosecuting any person or persons who shall commit, attempt to commit, or be suspected of having committed, Murder, Burglary, Grand or Petit Larceny, or other Felony, Misdemeanour, or Depredations of what kind soever, upon their, or either, of their persons or property, within the Townships or Liberties aforesaid, or any of them, and the Aiders, Abetters and accessories of such offenders, Have agreed, That any Person, by whose information or evidence any such Offender or Offenders as aforesaid shall be convicted, shall, within one calendar month next after such conviction be entitled to receive from the Treasurer (over and above what is allowed by Act of Parliament) the following rewards, viz.
For every Murder, Burglary, Highway or Footpad Robbery; or wilfully setting Fire to any Dwelling house or other buildings, stacks or ricks of corn, grain or hay; stealing or maiming any horse, mare or gelding, ox or cow; stealing any sheep, lambs, calves, or pigs, the sum of500
For wilfully setting fire to any cock of corn, hay, or furze; stealing any goods out of any warehouse, storehouse, shop, building, or other place; or stealing any corn or grain, thrashed or unthrashed, out of any barn, hovel, rick yard or other place,200
For stealing any turkeys, geese, ducks, cocks, hens, or chickens; breaking or stealing any doors, windows, gates, stiles, pens, fleaks, pales, rails, posts, fuel of any sort, iron, or wood, growing or fallen; robbing any garden or orchard, or destroying any glasses therein; chopping, cutting down, breaking, barking, or otherwise destroying or damaging any timber trees, fruit trees, or other trees; stealing any corn or grain, grass or hay, growing in shocks, sheaves or cocks, in the field; stealing any hedgewood, or breaking, or wilfully damaging any wagggon, cart, plow, harrow, or other implement of husbandry; or stealing any potatoes, turnips, or garden stuff,100
Or if committed in the night time1100
For any person riding on the shafts of any waggon, cart, or other carriage,050
Any person residing or having property within any of the Townships or Liberties aforesaid, may be admitted as an associate, on depositing 5s. in the hands of the treasurer, on or before the 8th day of January next, (when a General Meeting of the association will be held at Longford Inn, at 12 o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of receiving subscriptions & other business): but no person will after that day be admitted as an associate, unless he shall deposit ten shillings in the hands of the treasurer.
E. Coke of Longford
Thomas Wilkins, ditto
William Blake, ditto
William Robinson, ditto
William Redshaw, ditto
Richard Hellaby, ditto
Robert Gillman, ditto
James Newcomb, ditto
William Salt, ditto
John Eley, ditto
Charles Eley, ditto
Thomas Twigge, ditto
John Wright, ditto
William Allsop, ditto
Elizabeth Greensmith, ditto
John Sherratt, ditto
George Clarke, ditto
T. Armishaw of Thurvaston
Tho. Gillman of Thurvaston
George Brassington, ditto
Charles Cooper, ditto
Joseph Ocedish, ditto
Joseph Gillman of Hollington
John Redshaw of Dalbury
Edward Blake of Shirley
Catherine Strong, ditto
John Wibberley, ditto
Edward Cox of Brailsford
Isaac Potter, ditto
Matthew Fearn of Rodsley
Thomas Tatlow, ditto
George Brown, ditto
Robert Cooper of Alkmanton
Thomas Massey, ditto
Thomas Jeffrey, ditto
Philip Oakden of Bentley
P. Oakden of Middleton Park
    By Order,
        E. WARD (of Derby),
            Clerk and Treasurer.
Longford Inn, Nov. 20th, 1792.

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