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St. Michael's — a time line

Below is everything I know about the church.

1230Robert Touchet rector.
1260James de Shirley rector.
1300Robert Bromleigh vicar.
1304Robert de Felkirke vicar
1311John de Cotes vicar.
1313Henry Longedon vicar.
1348John 'Presbyter en Capellanus'.
1349Henry de Shirley vicar.
1351William de Assheton vicar.
1357William Le Roo vicar.
1390John de Staunton vicar.
1394John Careswalk vicar.
1396Elie Woner vicar.
1398John Lien vicar.
1430Henry Fynche vicar.
1469John More vicar.
1490Nicholas Bentley vicar.
1515Robert Blythe vicar.
1535Ralph Wudnott and Humphrey Woodenett vicars.
1550Edward Cooper vicar.
1599Christopher Presse vicar.
1614Henry Salte, the vicar was described by the Parliamentary Commissioners of 1650 as "insufficient & scandalous".
1657Samuel Heiron vicar.
1662Edmund Shepherd vicar.
1674Thomas Cotterell vicar.
1718Thomas Boultbee vicar.
1781John Gardiner vicar.
1815Walter Shirley vicar.
1817Richard Webster, of Manchester, printer, married Ann Ball,
1828Walter Augustus Shirley M.A. vicar.
1830Mr Ellin, of Sheffield, married Ann Skevington of Yeaveley.
1831The foundation stone of the new tower was laid by Robert Dale.
Mr. Hodgson, of Manchester, married Mrs. Eames, of Shirley.
1832William Leedham, married Ann Pegg.
John Maskery, married Mary Adams.
1838William Maskery, builder and timber merchant, married Mary Hallsworth, both of Shirley.
1840Robert Dale, farmer, married Ellen Smith, of Parwich, dress maker.
Isaac Kent, of Brailsford, blacksmith, married Ann Dale.
1842The enlarged and re-pewed church was opened.
1846The church features in Bagshaw's Gazetteer and Directory of Derbyshire.
1847Eardley Wilmot Michell vicar.
Joseph Morley married Mary Ann Milward of Ashbourne.
1857The new organ was used for the first time.
George Bratby of Weston-under-wood married Mary Maskrey of Shirley Common.
1860During a service, fumes from an underfloor flue caused several children and Mrs Michell to pass out.
The foundation stone of the new tower was laid by Francis Wright.
Arthur Asling, of Derby married Jane Maskrey of Shirley Common.
1861The accounts of the new tower were published.
1863Sidney Frederick Wheatcroft of Matlock Bath married Maria Webster.
1864James Wainwright of Thurvaston married Ann Williams.
1866J. Massey of Shirley Lodge married Mary Ann Buxton of Shirley Old Park.
John Ford of Bradley married Louisa Maskrey.
1867George Gilman of Rodsley married Susannah Ratcliff of Shirley Lodge.
1869Frederick Gregory married Hannah Maria Goodall, both of Shirley.
1872Charles Francis Powys vicar.
1876Austin Sherwin married Elizabeth Morley, both of Shirley.
1879Frederick Corfield vicar.
1883Claude Corfield vicar.
Restoration of the church commenced and it was reported later that the north aisle had been left undone due to lack of money.
1884The Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal reported on three adult baptisms.
1886The chancel was restored at a cost of £1,000 to Sir Andrew Walker.
1887William Linton Richardson M.A. vicar.
1891Samuel Normanshaw married Mary Gillman.
1894William Gillman of the Mount married Martha Bassett of Eggington.
1897Hamlet Yates of Hollington married Sarah Hudson of Shirley.
1899An enlarged organ was erected in the church.
1905John Comley of Hatton married Mary Bainbrigge.
1908Charles Harry Owen vicar.
Samuel Gadsby of Eggington married Mary Wheeldon.
1909A vestry meeting was held in the school-room.
1912Hugh Kelsall of Chester married Dorothy Owen.
1913Richard Edward Coates vicar.
Albert Johnson of Derby married Edith Harlow.
Clement Todd of Manchester married Edith Bourne of Shirley Hall.
1915Bernard Griffiths of Bolsover married Ethel Millward of Shirley Park.
1921Frances Chadwick of Shirley Lodge married Charles Kent of The Mount.
1938William Wallace Hayward Nash vicar.
1943Canon John Alfred Cooper priest in charge. Patronage suspended during the plan to join the parishes of Shirley and Brailsford.
1946Frank Joseph Law vicar.
1952John Maurice Robson vicar.
1979Peter John Bowles vicar.
1985The building is listed grade II.
1990Martin Francis Harrington Hulbert vicar.
1994Ian Aldersley vicar.
1996The burial ground was closed.
2007Paul Michael Taylor vicar.
2011An archaeological recording of the 17th century pews in the south aisle was done.