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Derby Daily Telegraph - 28 May 1931

A NEW company, The Shirley Park Estate Company, with a nominal capital of £140,000, of which Sir Ian Walker, of Osmaston Manor, is permanent governing director, is announced today.
The date of registration, according to the daily register of new companies compiled by Jordan and Sons Ltd., London, is May 26, and the objects of the company are announced as:—
"To acquire and manage certain estates in Derbyshire, and to purchase chief rents, to contruct, improve, and alter roads, railways, water courses, parks, streets, etc."
Sir Ian Walker's private secretary explained to a "Derby Telegraph" representative to-day that the Duke of Devonshire and the Duke of Bedford had adopted similar measures in regard to their estates some time ago.
"It is merely a private arrangement by which the estate is turned into a company," he said. "It does not make the slightest difference to the estate or the tenants."
The company's capital is in £1 shares (20,000 preference and 120,000 ordinary). The qualification of the governing director is to hold £2,000 worth of shares. The renumeration of the directors will be as voted by the company.

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