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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - 25 May 1928

At Shirley on Saturday. Normanton batted first and made 58. Shirley began badly, but owing to a splendid innings of 42 by G. F. Wright won by 5 runs. C. Hodgetts (Normanton) took 8 for 24 and B. Broad (Shirley) 6 for 18. Scores:—
NORMANTON: C. Hodgetts c Atkins, b Broad 6, A. Allen b Broad 6, S. Pegge lbw b Atkins 2, F. Batham c Atkins b G. Wright 21, F. Smith c Atkins b Broad 4, A. Batham b Broad 2, W. Hodgetts b Broad 3, E. Wilkinson c J. Taylor b Broad 0, J. Barker, c Brown b Wright 1, L. Wilson b Atkins 3, R. Comack not out 3, extras 7, total 58.
SHIRLEY: G. F. Wright b W. Hodgetts 42, C. Wood c Pegge b C. Hodgetts 0, V. Archer b C. Hodgetts 1, B. Broad b C . Hodgetts 0, R. Wright b C. Hodgetts 1, J. Taylor b C. Hodgetts 0, F. Atkins c Smith b C. Hodgetts 7, T. Taylor b Pegge 5, R. Wymer b C. Hodgetts 1, H. Stubbs not out 1, J. Brown b C. Hodgetts 0, extras 5, total 63.

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