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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - 23 July 1920

Under the propitious conditions, a very enjoyable Wednesday evening game took place between teams of the above clubs on 14th July, at Osmaston. The visitors' innings realised 34 runs, 11 being scored by F Atkins. In reply, Osmaston made 95 for 5 wickets. F. Brown made an exhilarating display in contributing 45 of these, and H. W. Archer scored 16.
B. Broad, b Lewis7
F. H. Atkins, b B. Brown11
J. Wheeldon, run out2
J. Maskrey, b Lewis1
J. Brown, b B. Brown1
F Wheeldon, b Lewis2
T. Lawton, b B. Brown1
J. Wymer, run out2
C. Coxon, b Lewis1
J. Chadfield, not out3
T. Green, run out0
Extras  3
G. Jones, b Broad5
L. Brown, c Wymer, b Atkins9
F. Brown, c Maskrey, b Atkins45
H. W. Archer, b Wymer16
B. Brown, c Broad, b Wymer3
L. Affleck, not out 4
A. Robinson, not out3
C. Tully, L. Lewis, C. Taylor,
J. Mellor did not bat.
Extras 10
(for 5 wkts)95

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