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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - 15 October 1915

A very pretty wedding took place at the parish church, Shirley, on Tuesday, the 12th inst., when the marriage was solomnised of Mr. Bernard W. Griffiths, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. William Griffiths, of Bolsover, and Miss Ethel Millward, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Millward, of Shirley Park. The bride and her family being highly respected in the parish, the event created considerable interest, and a large number of people were present to witness the ceremony, which was performed by the vicar, the Rev. R. E. Coates. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked very pretty in a dress of white silk trimmed with lace, and a tulle veil secured with a wreath of orange blossom. She wore a gold bangle, and carried a bouquet composed of white roses, lilies of the valley and heather, both being the gift of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids were Miss Queenie White and Miss Margaret Robinson, who were very effectively attired in dresses of grey silk eolienne, trimmed with cream lace, and black velvet hats trimmed with pale pink ribbon. They carried bouquets of shaded pink roses, and wore gold chains and pendants, the gift of the bridegroom. The bride was also attended by her little niece, Miss Doris Edwards, who wore a white silk frock and hat. The duties of best man were carried out by Mr. H. Millward. During the service the 67th psalm and the hymn "Oh perfect love," were sung. Mrs. Spray ably presided at the organ, and played the wedding March from "Lohengrin" at the conclusion of the ceremony, followed by Mendelssohins "Wedding March" as the bridal party left the church. A number of relatives and friends were afterwards entertained at Shirley Park by the parents of the bride, and in the evening the newly married pair motored to Derby en route for Bolsover where the honeymoon is being spent. The bride travelled in a costume of grey poplin, and a black velvet hat trimmed with a white plume.
The list of wedding presents is as follows:—
Mr. and Mrs. Millward — Cheque, feather bed, etc.
Mr. and Mrs. Griffiths — Skin rug, blankets, and case of carvers.
Mr. and Mrs. Spray — White counterpane.
Miss A. Griffiths — Fish carvers.
Mr. H. Millward and Miss White — Case of carvers.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Edwards — Table.
Mr. F. Millward — Dinner service.
Miss E. Spray — Cake knife.
Mrs. Cammell — Tea service.
Mr. and Mrs. Cave — Eiderdown quilt.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Rainsford — Case of half-dozen silver tea spoons and sugar tongs.
All at Coxbench Hall — Two copper kettles and brass coal tongs.
Miss Robinson — Lamp.
Children and managers of Shirley School — Case of half-dozen tea knives, and case of half-dozen silver tea spoons and sugar tongs.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Coxon — Half-dozen table knives.
Mr. and Mrs. Bower — Half-dozen wine glasses and glass jug.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Harrison — Afternoon tea cloth.
Miss Wilson — Butter dish and knife.
Mrs. F. Goodall — Handkerchief sachet.
Mrs. Ingham — Cushion cover.
Miss Stanhope — Pair of vases.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Brotherhood — Counterpane.
Miss M. Brownson — Saucepans.
Mr. and Mrs. Riley — Cheese dish.
Arthur, Mary, and Annie — Teapot.
Mr. and Mrs Heath — Butter dish.
Mr. Saunders — Teapot.
Misses A. and L. Wheeldon — Tumblers and wine glasses.
Mrs. Mellor — Damask table cloth and sideboard cloth.
Mrs. Kirkland — Sideboard cloth.
Mr. and Mrs. Sefton — Toilet covers.
Miss M. Lees — Silver pickle fork and butter knife.
Mr. J. Bourne — Silver-mounted marmalade jar.
Miss G. Brown — Silver serviette rings.
Rev. R. E. and Mrs. Coates — Damask table cloth.
Miss Derbyshire — D'oyleys.
Mr. A. Pain — Set of hall brushes.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley — Silver sugar tongs.
Mrs. Normanshaw and Mrs. J. Gilman — Silver mounted jam dish.
Miss Capron — Afternoon tea cloth.
Mrs. Moss — Embroidered pillow-cases.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwards — Copper kettle.
Miss Doris Edwards — Photo. frame.
Miss White — Silver salts.
Miss Proctor — Jam spoons.

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