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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - 24 October 1902

For years there has been a feeling amongst farmers and agriculturists that a machine that would perfectly distribute all sorts of farmyard manures would be a great boon, and a valuable addition to the implements on a farm. We are indebted to Messrs. Woodisse and Desborough, of Ashbourne, in bringing before the local agriculturists an implement called the 20th Century farmyard manure spreader and Fertiliser distributor. From what was seen of the machine on Thursday last it will be one of the most useful on a farm. By the kind permission of Sir Peter Walker, Bart., of Osmaston Manor, an exhibition was given with this machine on the Shirley Common Farm, and though the weather was bad, there was a very good attendance of over 40 of some of the best known agriculturists in the district, Sir Peter Walker himself being present and taking a great interest in the workings of the machine. The longest straw manure was first put in the machine, and within six minutes from completing the load the manure was put on the land, and spread so even that the general opinion was that it was impossible for a man to do the work in the same manner by hand, without taking into consideration the time taken to spread. Then a load of gas lime was tried, and though several gentlemen present had enormous lumps put in the machine, to see what would happen, it smashed them up and distributed its load as even as a snowfall on a calm day. The universal opinion of those present was that it was a first-class machine. Messrs. Woodisse and Desborough are the sole agents for Derbyshire.

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