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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - 20 January 1888

NATIONAL SCHOOL ENTERTAINMENT.— On Tuesday evening last, an entertainment was given in the above school by the scholars, under the guidance of the school mistress, Miss Moore. The entertainment consisted of two parts, the first part comprising recitations, dialogues and songs by the children, who performed admirably. The second part, undertaken by 18 of the children, was a sketch, in character, entitled "The Queen of the Fairies." This was most effectively sustained, Miss Wheeldon as "Queen," Master Butler as "Messenger," and Miss Blake as "Beauty," taking their parts exceedingly well. The whole entertainment was a decided success, reflecting great credit on the mistress. There was a good attendance presided over by the Rev. W. Linton. The following was the programme:—
"Song of Welcome"
Recitation— "The Boy."— S. Hill.
Recitation— "Boy's Rights."— J. Butler.
Song— "Make hay while the sun shines."
Recitation— "Curfew must not ring to-night."
Recitation— "We are but little folks, you see."— G. and M. Maskrey
Song— "Who is a brave man?."— Children.
Recitation— "Arthur's Pocket."— A. Bainbrigge.
Recitation— "Six days of the week."— Six Girls.
Song— "When the green leaves."
Recitation— "Making calls."— F. Blake.
"Queen of the Fairies"
Characters Represented.
"Queen of the Fairies"
"Seven league boots"
"Dick Whittington"
"Little bo peep"
"Old mother Hubbard"
"Jack the giant killer"
"Babes in the wood"
"Jack of the bean stalk"
"Little red riding hood"
"Old King Cole"
"His three fiddlers"
A. Wheeldon
M. Hudson and A. Goodall
J. Butler.
W. Swindell.
E. Haynes.
A. James.
C. Wheeldon.
S. Swindell and F. Bott.
Wm. James.
S. Hill.
M. Bainbrigge
F. Blake.
S. Yeomans.
T. Hudson, P. Wibberley,
and C. Harlow.

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