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Derby Mercury - 4 January 1888

The festivities at Osmaston Manor were continued on Saturday week, which was a red letter day in the lives of the children. The whole of the school children from Osmaston, Shirley and Wyaston were, with their mothers, invited to the manor in the afternoon. A conjuring and punch and judy entertainment were provided for the youngsters in the raquet court, causing intense amusement, not only to the younger members of the audience but also to the mothers, who laughed as heartily as the children at the well-known frolics of punch. A sumptuous tea was set out in the conservatory, and after tea Lady Walker distributed the prizes to the children. Sir Andrew, Lady Walker, and the rest of the were present, and the day was a most enjoyable one for the youngsters, and will not soon be forgotten.
On Tuesday evening a juvenile ball was given by Miss Walker. The children began to arrive about six o'clock, and soon after that hour 150 young people from the surrounding neighbourhood were present. Mr. Dodd's band, from Derby, was in attendance, and dancing was held in the large hall. Supper was held in the large dining-room about nine o'clock, and after supper the dance was kept up to nearly twelve o'clock.

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