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Derby Mercury - 8 February 1882

On Tuesday evening a concert was given in aid of the library and reading room, in the National School-room when the chair was occupied by the Rev. F. Corfield, vicar of the parish. A programme had been arranged, which included several pieces played by the village band, and a large number of songs, the whole of which were rendered in a satisfactory manner. The songs and duets of Mr. and Miss Anson were much appreciated. The programme was as follows:—
"God Save the Queen," The band.
Song, "A Summer Shower," Miss Anson.
Pianoforte duet, "Agnes Sorrell Quadrilles," Misses L. Corfield and Cross.
Song, "Give me the Man," &c. Mr. Anson.
Pianoforte solo, "Silvery Waves," Miss Cross.
Vocal duet, "What are the Wild Waves Saying," Mr. and Miss Anson.
Recitation, "Horatius," Mr. F. Corfield.
"Napoleon's March," The Band.
Song, "In the Gloaming," Miss M. Maskrey.
Song, "No Sir," Miss Cross.
Song, "Medicine Jack," Mr. Anson.
Song, "At the Ferry," Miss Anson.
Song, "The fall of the Leaf," Mr. Heber Dale.
Vocal duet, "The Gypsy Countess," Mr. and Miss Anson.
Song, "The Bailiff's Daughter," Miss Williams.
Song, "Bank Holiday," Mr. J. Maskrey.
"The Duke of York's March," The Band.
Song, "Jennie of the Mood," Mr. Heber Dale.
Pianoforte duet "Punch. and Judy Quadrille," Misses L. Corfield and Cross.
Vocal duet "Money Matters," Mr and Miss Anson.

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