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Derby Mercury - 3 July 1861

On Friday last, the Day and Sunday Schools, including the Band of Hope, enjoyed their annual treat on the grounds of the Vicarage. The juvenile procession was formed at the This School-house. Cheers, such as expectant boys only can give, announced their arrival at the Vicarage, where, after the said annual distribution of the school prizes and a short address by the Rev. E. W. Michell, the party sat down tp a bountiful supply of tea and plum cake. The meal over and the Divine giver acknowledged, the children commenced their sports. The elder boys having entered the lists with the Hollington boys, repaired to a field for a game at cricket. The Hollingtonlans won. The Shirleyites, though evidently over-matched, played and lost, and frankly handed over a new long ball to the Hollingtonians, but they hope Hollington will give them an opportunity to regain their laurels. [We should have published the score of this match if it had been sent in time. We have again and again said that we cannot undertake to print cricket scores which do not arrive till Tuesday.]

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