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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - 26 August 1859

President and treasurer:—
Rev. E. W. Michell.
Rev R. R. Vaughton.
Philip Cupiss, Esq.
Samuel Harwood, Esq.
Rev. Gérard Smith.
Francis Johnson, Esq.
Mr. Routledge.
Mr. Milward.
Secretary:— George Lamb.
The second exhibition of FLOWERS, FRUITS, VEGETABLES and FARM PRODUCE, will be held in the Racket Court at OSMASTON MANOR, on Wednesday, the 14th of September, 1859.
Exhibitors for competition must reside in the parishes of Osmaston, Wyaston, Edlaston, Yeldersley, Bradley and Shirley; but any articles contributed for exhibition by the gentry will be thankfully received, but cannot be allowed to compete for a prize.
Prizes will be awarded to for the best cultivated gardens and allotments, and the cleanest kept cottage in the district.
The prizes will be distributed at 6 o'clock.
The exhibition will be open to subscribers (and non-subscribers on payment of 2s. 6d.), at 1 o'clock: and to the public at 2 o'clock on payment of 6d. each; and after 4 o'clock to all persons tidily dressed at 3d. each.
The exhibition to close at 7 o'clock.
Tickets for admittance to the exhibition, the flower gardens, and the pleasure grounds, may be had of the Secretary, at Miss Hoon's and Mr. Hobson's stationers, Ashbourn; and at the school-rooms, at Osmaston, Shirley, Edlaston, and Bradley, and of the day of exhibition at the front entrance, near the house, and carriage gate, from Wyaston.

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