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Derby Mercury - 21 May 1845

INQUESTS BEFORE MR. H. MOZLEY, JUN., CORONER.— On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 13th and 14th inst., at Yeldersley, on the body of James Bown, a child not quite four years of age, who had been run over on the road to Ashborn, near the foot of Shirley Common hill, by a horse and gig, on the Sunday evening previous, shortly before seven o'clock. His skull was fractured, his right leg broken, and he was bruised all over. He continued insensible until the following day, and then he died. It was proved that one Edward Pipes, of Derby, was on his way from Derby to Ashborn, and was driving down Shirley Common hill at a full gallop, flogging his horse, and shouting; that he ran over the deceased, and in passing him swore at him and struck at him with his whip; and without stopping a moment, again flogged his horse, and continued to do so until out of sight. Edward Pipes, after receiving the usual caution from the coroner, admitted having run over the deceased, expressed great sorrow for having done so, but said he was in liquor. The jury after full deliberation returned a verdict of "Manslaughter against Edward Pipes."

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