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Derby Mercury - 5 October 1797

By Mr. KIRK,
At the house of Robert Goodall the sign of the Saracen's Head, at Shirley in the County of Derby, on Monday the 23rd day of October next, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, in the following lots, and subject to the conditions then to be produced.
Lot 1.A very substantial well built MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, with good
and convenient outhouses, and gardens, orchards, and three closes of very
rich Meadow or pasture land, called the Croft, the Pingle, and the Wash
close, containing about
Lot 2.Two closes of rich pasture land, called the Broom Close, Mabb Hill close,
both adjoining the first lot, containing about
Lot 3.A close of very rich meadow land, [...] the Little Field, contains about420
Lot 4.A close of rich land, called the Bruselet, containing about200
Lot 5.A close of arable land, called the New Close, containing about210
Lot 6.One land in the upper field, containing about0116
Lot 7.Three closes of rich pasture land, called the Shaw Closes, contains about4313
Lot 8.A piece or parcel of land, lying in the Nether field, containing about024
Lot 9.A close of rich Meadow land, called Longford meadow, containing about500
Lot 10.The reversion of and in a messuage, dwelling house or tenement, garden,
and orchard thereto adjoining, and also of and in two closes of very rich
Meadow or pasture land, called the Leys and Ash furlong, containing about
All the above lots are situate at Shirley aforesaid, and are in the possession of Mr. Edward Blake, who will shew the premises. For further particulars apply to Mr. EDMUND EVANS, attorney, Derby.

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