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Derby Mercury 15 Aug 1777

To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, together or in lots:
A Very Compleat and Eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at Shirley, in the County of Derby, known by the name of the LODGE FARM, by estimation about 270 acres, in a Ring Fence, well watered, tythe free of hay and lamb, paying a small modus, in possession of John Morley, tenant at will.
Lot 1st.A messuage or tenement, with out buildings thereto, and lands adjoining6700
The Old Parks adjoining3600
If desired, any part of the Old Parks may be sold separately.
Lot 2d,Rigley's orchard, with a barn and cow-house thereon120
The Woodhouse fields1816
The Stocking piece3010
Part of the Lawns200
The cow close and intake2020
Rigley's cow close4224
A piece called the Bottom900
Lot 3d,The Lawns, in 5 parts4020
The Stockings, in 4 parts1720
N.B. JOHN MORLEY, the Tenant, or JOHN JACKSON, both of Shirley will shew the premises.

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