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Derby Daily Telegraph - 13 March 1936

The Meynell Hunt point-to-point races are at Ednaston on Wednesday, March 25, Will be run over much altered and improved course.
Winning post and start will be unchanged, but the whole of the long stretch uphill towards Shirley Village is to be eliminated. Instead, after reaching the top of the first hill, horses will continue round the valley and then complete a second circuit.
As a result, the spectators' view of the races will be considerably enhanced.
The new course will be none the less gruelling for competitors than was the old one. A big part of it is uphill, and the 21 obstacles include a water jump and an open ditch, which must be negotiated twice. The rest of fences are of "cut and laid" brush.
The course is just under three and half miles length, and there is prospect of it being first-class condition for the event.
Mr. R. Turner, of The Cottage, Rolleston, who is secretary this year, has received inquiries from most of the bestknown point-to-point riders and owners, and a big entry is expected, particularly for the open race for the Osinaslon Cup. Entries from Aldershot are anticipated for this event.
An innovation this year is an Adjacent Hunts Ladies' Race open to members of the Meynell, Quorn, North and South Atl.erstone, Earl of Harrington"s, South Notts and High Peak. A trophy has been presented for the event by the race committee.
In addition, the programme will include the Meynell Redcoat race—run over the course and not across country this year—the Adjacent Hunts maiden race, and the ever-popular Meynell Hunt farmers' race.
There will be a totalisator, and again private paddock. Admission, course, free, but there is a charge for parking cars.
Excursions by road from Derby, the Potteries, Burton, and Birmingham are already planned.
Entries for the open event close next Tuesday, and for the other races next Thursday.

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