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Derby Daily Telegraph - 8 September 1938

Three reasons for supporting the fete were given by Lady FitzHerbert, of Tissington Hall, when she declared open a garden fete at Shirley Vicarage yesterday afternoon. She believed in supporting the fete, she said, because of its good object; because she thought that in the near future every parish would be asked to do something for the Bishop's Church Extension Appeal, and the fete would thus have to be doubly successful; and because the great social value of such events which brought people together in happy fellowship. The Vicar of Shirley, the Rev. W. Nash, expressed thanks to Lady FitzHerbert, and the helpers. The stall-holders were: .Mothers' Union Branch stall, the members- School stall. Miss Scott and Miss Bagshaw: cake. Mrs. Walter Goodall: produce. The Misses Goodall (Shirley Lodge); sweets. Mr. and Mi«s Mellor; teas, members of the Mothers' Union ; bowling for a pig. Mr. W. Glover; pig race. Mr. (J. Harlow; hidden treasure. Key. W. Nash; swiss skittles. Mr E Hand.

Reported elsewhere and uncited, Lady FitzHerbert used a public address system to make her speech.

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