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MICHELL, EARDLEY WILMOT. Adm. pens, at Queens, Mar. 22, 1834. [S. of Eardley Wilmot, banker, of Brighton and of Hurstmonceaux (and Mary). B. July 4, 1813. School, Eton.] Matric. Michs. 1834; (Law Classes, 1st Class, 1836-7); LL.B. 1840. Entered the H.E.I.C.s service as a Cadet, 1830; 2nd Lieut., Artillery, Apr. 13, 1831; resigned, Feb. 3, 1834. Ord. deacon (Winchester) 1837; priest, 1838. C. of Lymington, Hants., 1837-44. C. of St Lawrence, Exeter, 1845. V. of Shirley, Derbs., 1847-72. Evening Lecturer of Walmer, Kent, 1877. Married, Feb. 8, 1841, Catherine Spencer Alicia Beresford, widow of the Hon. Thomas le Marchant Saumarez. Author of several religious pamphlets. Latterly of Walmer. Died Nov. 13, 1885. Father of the next; brother of Henry 1 (1825 Eton Sch. Lists; G. B. Routledge; H.E.I.C. List; Crockford; The Guardian, Nov. 25, 1885; Hodson, Bengal Officers, in. 287.)

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