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Derby Mercury, October 17, 1860

[Before Sir W. FITZ-HERBERT, Bart.]
F George Shaw, of Shirley, was charged by police-constable S Walton with being drunk and disorderly at Shirley, on the 8th inst. The defendant admitted the charge and was fined 5s. and costs.

Fras. Lowe and Saml. Seal, of Little Eaton, bricklayers, now working at Shirley, appeared upon bail, in answer to a charge of assaulting police-constable Walton on the night of the a 8th inst.-Constable Walton (who appeared in Court with a serious wound over his left eye and numerous contusions about his face), stated that on Monday night, the 5th inst., he found the prisoners making a disturbance, and violently kicking at the door of Mr. Hitchcock's house, in the village of Shirley. He requested them to desist, which they refused to do; he then tried to push them away; the prisoners then threw stones at him, one of which struck him over the eye, causing a deep wound from which the blood flowed freely; he succeeded in capturing Lowe, but the prisoner Seal was not apprehended until the next morning.-Seal, in defence, said that the constable asked him for his name, which he refused to give, upon which the constable knocked him down. Mr. WRIGHT asked the constable if this was true.-The constable said it was not; he had only struck the prisoner in self-defence.—Lowe was fined 2l. and costs, and Seal 1l. and his costs.

"DISTRICT POLICE NEWS." Derby Mercury 17 Oct. 1860. 19th Century British Newspapers. Web. 19 Apr. 2016. URL Gale Document Number: GALE|BA3200026107 (subscription required)

The foundation stone of the new church tower was laid in September 1860 and finished in July 1861. So they were probably working on that.

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