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Henry Chadfield, farmer

1816 Henry marries Sarah Hollis of Snelston.

1820 Joseph born at Shirley.

1826 Sarah born at Shirley.

1827 Emily born at Shirley.

1831 George born at Shirley.

1839 Jane dies aged 13.

1835 Sarah (snr) dies aged 47.

In 1841 the household consisted of Henry (52), Joseph (21), Sarah (15), Emily (13), George (10), and Thomas (6). Thomas Offalow was the servant.

1846 Sarah (jnr) marries William Metcalf.

In 1851 the household consisted of Henry (64), Joseph (32) and Henry (20). The servants were Daniel Goodall, Elizabeth Kent and Mary Beadshaw.

1852 Emily dies aged 24.

1868 Henry dies aged 80.

Sometime after 1851 George moves to Durham and marries. Henry has a farm in Cubley with Joseph helping. Thomas also ends-up in Cubley.

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