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Antique 19th C Native American Indian Ojibwa Beadwork Bandolier Bag

I found this for sale on the internet for $588. The description reads:

This is a very rare small beaded bandolier bag dating to the 1870s and from the Great Lakes region, probably Ojibwa in origin. Some advice from an expert in this area leads me to believe that this size of bag is rare than the larger type and is sometimes referred to a child's bandolier bag but may have been used as a neck charm pouch. It carries a superb old label to the reverse which reads "Beadwork - Bag for prayer book made on frame. Value £4.10 Shirley Vicarage (Coates)".

Given that Rev. Richard Coates had lived in Manitoba for a while, it's fair to guess this could have been his.

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