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Derby Mercury, July 9, 1834, Issue 5321

Translation General Quarter Session
This was an appeal against an order made by A. N. E. Mosley, and Francis Hurt the younger, Esqrs. for stopping I up two unnecessary foot ways situate in the parish of Shirley, one of them commencing at a stile leading from another footway which leads to Shirley Hall, and proceeding in an eastwardly direction to the Well Croft, containing in length one hundred and fifty-three yards; and the other commencing at a stile leading from the highway, and proceeding in an eastwardly direction through the farm yards and a close of land called the croft, belonging to Mr. Steeples, into and through the said piece of land called the Well Croft, where it joins another footway leading to Shirley Hall, containing of one hundred and ninety-one yards.— It was stated by the respondent's Counsel that the old footways were an accommodation only to Mr. Bonsal, as the occupier of some land of of his own, & a farm of the Rev. W. Shirley, and proposed to compromise the affair by permitting the appellant to the have a right of footway as long as he occupied the latter farm, on condition of the order being confirmed; but this the proposition was not acceded to, when Mr. WILLIAMS took an objection to the technical description of the land where one of the footways lay, which was over-ruled by the Court, when witnesses were called to prove that 61 yards of the old road led through a farm yard, and in the whole line there were eight stiles; that from Mr. Bonsal's yard to Wibberley's close it was 542 yards, and on the carriage road 572 yards; the nearest road for the appellant from his own house itr through the church yard was nearer by 55 yards, and al- it though the public were driven 20 yards round in going by to the highway, which is nearly parallel with the footpath, they have an excellent road to walk over. At this stage another attempt was made to put an end to the case, when the order was confirmed by the court, subject to a right of of road for Bonsal only, so long as he should continue to occupy Mr. Shirley's farm.

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