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The 1851 Census of Religious Worship - Shirley Methodist

  1. Name or Title of Place of worship: Primitive Methodist Chapel
  2. Where situate: Shirley, Bilper[sic], Derby
  3. Religious Denomination: Primitive Methdists[sic]
  4. When Erected: Erected out of dwelling house in 1841
  5. Whether a Separate and Entire Building: Separate
  6. Whether Used Exclusively as a Place of Worship: Yes
  7. Space available for Public Worship – Free Sittings: 38
    Space available for Public Worship – Other Sittings: 12
    Free space or standing room for: 10
  8. Estimated Number of Persons Attending Divine Service on Sunday 30 March 1851 – General Congregation:
    Morning: X [N/A]
    Afternoon: 38
    Evening: 39
    Average Number of Attendants during the [blank] months: 34
  9. REMARKS: superintendant Lee Belper
    This Chapel is Ocupide[sic] by the Wesley Reformers every Sunday afternoon By the Primitives in the evening.

Signed by Joseph Goodall, steward.

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