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Derby Mercury, December 22, 1824

Situate in HOLLINGTON,
In the Parishes of Longford, Shirley, and Brailsford, in the County of Derby.
By Mr. W. SMITH,

At the house of Mr. J. Dowdeswell, the Saracen's Head Inn, in Brailsford, in the county of Derby, on Monday the 3d day of January, 1825, at two o'clock in the afternoon, in the following, or suchs other lots, and subject to such conditions as shall be agreed upon at the time of sale, (unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given;)
1Homestead and Buildings1318
2Gilman's Yard3335
3Big Croft5327
4Shirley Field Piece4022
5Breary Butts1010
6Hob Meadow Lane4134
7Hall Knoll Close4023
8Hitchells and Small Meadow1021
9Big Shirley Meadow520
10Little Ditto220
11Far Ditto500
12House, Cowhouse, Garden, and small Croft, (J. Barkes,)0034
13House, Garden, and Orchard, (.J. Hudson,)019
14House, Garden, and Orchard, (J. Twigg,)0124
15House, (Wm. Twigg,)000
16House and Smith's Shop004
The above Estate is Tythe free, except Lots 9, 10, and 11, which are situate in the parish of Shirley.
The Estate is situate 5 miles from Ashborne and 8 miles from Derby.
Mr. William Archer of Hollington, the Tenant, will shew the Estate; and for further particulars and to treat for the same, apply (if by letter the postage must be paid) to the same Mr. NV. Archer, or at the Office of Messrs. HARRISON and FREAR, Solicitors, in Derby.
N.B. Possession may be had at Lady-day next or sooner if desired.
Derby, Dec. 14, 1824.

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