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Field Names

Ash Furlong, Barn Close, Bent, Bit, Boggy Piece, Bottoms, Bowlane Close, Brickiln Close, Bridge Bank, Bridge Carr, Bridge Meadow, Broad Close, Broad Croft, Broad Meadow, Broom Close, Butt Meadow, Cabbin Croft, Calves Croft, Carhouse Knoll, Clover Piece, Coach Meadow, Coblers Piece, Cockshoot, Common Close, Coney Burrow, Copstone, Cote Close, Cow Close, Crabtree Close, Croft, Crowslit, Dale Close, Derby Pit, Dollys Croft, Eaves, Field Piece, Five Acres, Fiveday Work, Flat, Fleet Dale, Footway Close, Four Acres, Fourday Work, Gate Close, Gill Hill, Gorlings, Gorsty Piece, Gravel Pit Close, Gravelly Bank, Hay Field, Head Close, High Field, Hill Close, Hilly Piece, Holly Croft, Horse Close, House Meadow, Hunger Dale, Intake, Lane Close, Lawn Hill, Leys, Limed Hole, Limepit Close, Little Close, Little Field, Little Meadow, Littlefallow Piece, Long Close, Long Meadow, Mab Hill, Maiden Dale, Marlpit, Marsh Meadow, Meadow, Middle Close, Milking Hill, Milking Piece, Moor, Moss Croft, Nether Close, Nether Field, Nether Meadow, New Close, New Piece, Oaks Meadow, Oaktree Close, Oat Close, Old Close, Orchard, Pease Piece, Pingle, Pit Close, Plat Piece, Red Close, Red Lane Close, Red Marsh, Rickyard Meadow, Robcross, Rough, Round Close, Rowel Hill, Rushy Croft, Sallowtree Close, Sandpit Close, Sandy Knoll, Sawpit Close, Seven Acres, Shaw Car, Silk Moss, Six Acres, Sixdays Work, Smithy Croft, Spring Close, Stable Orchard, Stockings, Stony Furlong, Stucco Meadow, Swans Nest, Thistly Close, Thorntree Close, Three Acres, Three Cornered Close, Upper Close, Wash, Well Close, Wet Flat, Wet Piece, Willow Meadow, Withy Pit, Wood Close, Woodhouse Field, Yelderstead, Yew Tree Close

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