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Shirley Parish in 1906

Parochial Notices

Church Services.

SUNDAY, — 10-30. Evening, 6-30.
CHILDREN'S SERVICE, — On the second Sunday in the month at 3 p.m. Occasional Services according to Notice.


BAPTISMS, — On the second Sunday in the month at the 3 p.m. service.
HOLY COMMUNION , — At 11-30 on the first Sunday in the month and on Christmas and Easter Day; and at 8 a.m. on the 3rd Sunday from February to November; and at other times according to notice.


On the 2nd Sunday in the month at the 3 p.m. Service.

Sunday School.

At the school at 3 p.m., except the 2nd Sunday in the month.

Parochial Library.

Open every Monday from 3 till 3-30 p.m. Subscription 3d a quarter.

Reading Room.

Open every week-day evening from 6 till 9 p.m. during the autumn and winter.

Clothing Club.

Deposits received every Monday at the School from 12 till 12-45 p.m.

Ashbourne Magazine and others

are supplied monthly at 1d. Names may be sent to the Vicarage or to the school.

Parish Record.


October 21 — Albert, son of James and Elizabeth Wymer.
December 16 — Fred, son of John Potter and Mary Jane Bower.


April 18 — Albert Earnest Hart to Margaret Ellen Allsop.
August 2 — Thomas Critchlow Blore to Ada Bower.
September 5 — Harry Gilbert to Edith Wheeldon.


May 10 — Sarah Weller Corfield, aged 84.
December 26 — Emma James, aged 65.

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