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Accounts of the new tower


The foundation stone of this Tower was laid by FRANCIS WRIGHT, ESQ., of Osmaston Manor on 1st September, 1860.

The Tower was opened with Morning and Evening Service at the Church, on July 3rd, 1861.

In sending forth this account, we desire to render our thanks to all who have contributed towards this work for the House of our God, whilst at the same time we would specially praise Him, by Whose good Hand upon us, we have been allowed to rebuild the Tower.

 £s.d. £s.d.
F. Wright, Esq.10000Brought forward30146
H. Boden, Esq3500Mr. Bonsall100
Rev W Shirley2000Mr. Dakin100
Rev. E. W. Michell5000Mr. Bourne100
Rev. T. C. Browne1000Mr. Beeston1100
Rev. J. Braikenridge1000Mr. Hill100
Late Rev. J. Clarke800Miss Mason100
Bishop of Litchfield500Mr. Lemon100
Archdeacon Hill500Mr. Williams100
Hon. Major Coke500Mr. Lichfield300
T. W. Evans Esq., M.P.500Miss Lichfield100
Mrs. Wade Browne500Mr. Metcalf200
Late Rev. F. Bevan500Mr. Walker100
Lord de Saumarez500Mr. Twigg100
Miss Waddington500Mrs. Dakin0100
Major Michell500Mrs. Hill0100
Mrs. N. Best500Mr. Tatlow0100
Mr. Gillman500M. A. Brown0100
Mrs. Goulden200Susan Brown0100
Mrs Burrows200Mr. Chadfield0100
Rev. T. Cupiss100R. Goodwin, Esq.0100
P. Cupiss, Esq.1110Miss Edwards0100
H. Snee, Esq.1100Miss Falwasser0100
Captain Henslowe100Sums under 10s.550
Lady Vassall200Collected after sermons, and at opening of the   
Interest on money236   Tower, on July 3rd213
Carried forward£30146Total received£3481211½
 £s.d. £s.d.
Mr. J. W. Thompson, Builder, as by contract36000By subscription3481211½
Builder for extra work400    
Messrs. Stevens Architects3500    
Sundry expenses600Defcit567
 40500 40500
Shirley, 1861E. W. MICHELL, Vicar.

J. BEESTON Churchwardens

Thanks to Tony Taylor.

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