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Clubwood Lodge or Peat Hays

Appears on the tithe map at the most southern point of the parish as Clubwood Lodge. But on the "OS six inch (1881-1913) map of the village" it refers to it as Peat Hays. It now appears to be a barn.

It was in the possession of Thomas Gilman when put up for sale in 1774 consisting of about 12 acres.

When it was sold in 1828 it was owned by a Mr Samuel Wright with Sarah Twigge his tenant. It was known as Club Wood Lodge.

In 1851, Hannah Blore was the owner/tenant and in 1863 George Blore was farming it.

John Stych was there when declared bankrupt in 1905.

In 1921, Frances Chadwick, of Clubwood Lodge, married Charles Kent of the Mount. Mr J Brown of the Mill was best man.

The live and dead farming stock was sold at auction on the death of T. R. Chadwick in 1935.

In 1938, Mary Chadwick had to apply to the courts to eject Fanny Seals from the property.

Described as a smallholding of 6½ acres with a 6 room house, 2 cowsheds for 14, stable, barn, 2 pigsties and a 3 bay hay barn, it sold for £635 in February 1943.

It was being farmed by Joseph George Collier in 1944 when he was up before the beak in Belper for "misusing petrol". Clubwood Lodge (Place) located in the Settlement of Shirley.