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John Yeomans, farmer, Ittingston Farm

1841 census
John and his wife Ann. Patience Holloway was the farm servant.

1851 census
John and his wife Ann were farming 18 acres plus Emma Hickinbottom, house servant.

In 1855 Ann laid the foundation stone for the Weslyan Chapel on land John had donated.

1861 census
John and his wife Ann were farming 20 acres. Mary Goodall, general servant.

Ann's mother, Sarah Gelsthorpe dies at Shirley Cottage.

John died.

1871 census
Ann and her nephew, Timothy Gelstharpe, from Ribston, Yorkshire who was visiting. Fanny Brown, a servant. Property is described as 'Shirley Cottage'

Ann marries Francis Osborne of the Burrows, Brailsford and leaves the village. Timothy Gelsthorpe moves in to Ittingston. After surviving an alleged murder attempt by his son, Francis died, aged 74, on the 23rd August 1886. After which Ann moves back to Shirley and lives with Timothy Gelsthorpe.

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