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Cresswell, Robert

(1836 – 12 November 1903)

A farmer at Shirley Hall farm. Born in Hulland.
1879Mr Robert Quinn O'Callaghan, surgeon, was fined 10s. for trespassing in pursuit of game at Hall Farm.
1883He was a subscriber to the restoration of the south aisle of the church.
1885He was fined 2s. 6d. for throwing a bucket of water over a farm servant who wouldn't get up at 5.15 in the morning. He was also re-elected lay representative (along with Eli Bainbrigge) at the vestry meeting.
1886Looking at a letter published in the Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal there would appear to be some friction with Thomas Strong.
1887One of his fields was used for Queen Victoria's jubilee celebrations where a tent was erected and sports & games were played.
1888Driving back from the Derbyshire Agricultural Show with Thomas Mellor of the Saracen's Head, he was involved in a small accident in Friargate which resulted in them both being thrown from the cart. Thomas Mellor died as his head was crushed under the wheels of an oncoming tram.
1891The parish raised £20 15s. 6d. in aid of the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary. The Rev. Linton contributed the most with £10, followed by Robert at £1.
1897Fined 10s. with 13s. costs for being drunk at Derby, his second offence.
1898He was in dispute with an employee, Annie Jeffrey of Longford, which she won being awarded £2 10s. with 10s. costs. In the same year he auctioned 71 beasts, 55 sheep and 5 horses.