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Willam Rix

William Married Hannah Moult.

According to the 1841 census the Rix household was headed by William Rix (40) with his wife Hannah (35) and their children Harriet (14), Eliza(10), Anne(8), Luisa (7) and Hannah (4).

Also present on the night of the census were John Kniveton, Elizabeth Stafford and William Dale.

Harriett married John Smith.

William is declared bankrupt.

Amelia Grace born. Died the following year.

At the census William was described as a farmer on Derby Lane there was also Hannah, Eliza, Anne and Thomas Smith, Harriett's son. John Kniveton, a retired farmer was visiting.

Fanny Chawnce, his niece, and William Gadsby was the farm servant.

Louisa had left home.

Hannah died.

It looks like he sold-up as an auction was advertised in the Derby Mercury.

When the Ferrers sold the estate in 1858 he was tenant of the folllowing:

31 Close of Pasture, and 5 Closes of Arable15011
41 Close of Pasture3121
6A Close of Pasture called Withy Pit2125
7A Close of Meadow138
10Saracen's Head Inn, with the Appurtenances and several Closes of Meadow, Pasture, and Arable9110
11Several Closes of Pasture and Arable27219

According to the 1861 census the household consisted of William, "Late a farmer", Hannah, Eliza and Mary. Benjamin, Anne and William Redshaw. At some point after this Eliza left home.