The Shirley Village Archive

1901 Census - Curtis, Shirley Park, Mill Lane (Document)

First name(s)Last nameRelationshipMarital statusSexAgeBirth yearOccupationBirth place
WilliamCurtisHeadMarriedMale341867Game KeeperBessingham, Norfolk, England
Anne ECurtisWifeMarriedFemale361865-Derbyshire, England
James WCurtisSon-Male131888-Derbyshire, England
FredrickCurtisSon-Male121889-Cheshire, England
Dora ACurtisDaughter-Female101891-Haughton, Norfolk, England
FrankCurtisSon-Male41897-Shropshire, England
WilliamCurtisSon-Male31898-Shropshire, England
Violet VCurtisDaughter-Female11900-Shropshire, England

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