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Derby Mercury - 30 August 1826 (Document)

WHEREAS much damage as of late years been committed by tresspassers on the lands belonging to or occupied by us in Osmaston, Yeldersley and Shirley.We do hereby give notice, that all unqualified persons found tresspassing hereon in pursuit of game or otherwise will be prosecuted according to law, and we request that all qualified persons will abstain from sporting over the same without permission.
Joseph Bainbrigge.
John Beresford.
W. L. Clowes.
Robert Hurd.
Messrs. Smith, Blake House.  
John Evans.
Wm. Oakden.
John Buxton.
John Bestwick.
Joseph Johnson, sen.
James Smith.
Joseph Pegg.
John Copestake.
John Robinson.
John Wood.
Joseph Frost.
Joseph Greatorix.
Sarah Wibberley.
Mary Walliss.
James Hodgkinson.
John Clark.
N.B. JOSEPH JOHNSON, jun. of Osmaston, has our authority over the above lands, and to discharge all tresspassers.

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