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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - 16 January 1903 (Document)

On Thursday evening, the Rev. W. R. Linton, with his usual generosity, gave a supper in the schoolroom to which he invited all the farm labourers in the parish. An excellent supper was served by Mr. T. W. Mellor. After supper the Vicar made a few appropriate remarks, in which he thanked Mr. and Mrs. Mellor for their excellent catering. The remainder of the evening was spent in singing. Songs were plentifully forthcoming by the company present, and a most enjoyable evening was bought to a close at ten o'clock. A vote of thanks was proposed to the vicar for his great kindness in giving the supper, and it was carried with exclamation and musical honours.
    The concert given last month by the children attending the National School was repeated on Friday. The various items were given in capital style as before, and the audience testified their appreciation by loud applause, and frequent encores. The proceeds of the concert are to be given to school funds.

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