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Derby Mercury - 28 December 1797 (Document)

On the 16th day of January, 1798, at the house of Robert Goodall, the Saracen's Head, in Shirley, in the County of Derby, if not previously disposed of by Private contract, of which timely notice will be given;
A FREEHOLD ESTATE, in one lot, desirably situate at Shirley aforesaid, consisting of a messuage house, corn mill called Shirley Mill, containing 3 pair of stones, and all other necessary appendages, and 23 acres, more or less, of capital arable and meadow land, divided into five pieces.
This is a most engaging situation for any one desirous of entering the above business.
For particulars, and to treat for sale by private contract, enquire of the owner and occupier, JOSHUA CAULDWELL, at Shirley Mill aforesaid.

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