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Derby Daily Telegraph - 14 September 1946 (Document)

Leading Exhibitors at Shirley Show
There were more than 130 entries in the cattle class at Shirley Show today, a figure that compares favourable with previous years.
The show, held in a field just outside the village, is yearly gaining in reputation, and it attracted a number of well-known exhibltors.

An early winner was Mr. J. T. Yates, Champion Farm, Quarndon, who won the first prize in the class for dairy cow in milk. Mr. Yates also took the first prize for dairy cow in calf.
In the Shire and farm-horse classes there were some 70 entries. The prize for the best Shire colt foal went to F. A. Sessions, Osmaston Farm, Dalbury Lees, with a grey foal sired by Disney King of Shires.
Mr. C. Waring, Home Farm, Elvaston, took first prize with a grey filly sired by Marnham Plastic.

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