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Derby Daily Telegraph - 3 July 1934 (Document)

Wilfred James Squires, baker, of Peakland View, Darley Dale, sued Frank Clay, of Shirley Hall, Brailsford, at Matlock County Court yesterday, for £11 9s. 9d., representing cost of repairs to his motor van and hire of a relief van.
Squires said that on January 10, after lighting up time, he was going to the Park-lane cross-roads when a motor-car struck his van. The car had no lights. He could get no explanation from the occupants of the car, and telephoned for the police. When he returned the driver and car had gone, but one of the passengers was left behind.
Police Constable Warren said that Clay told him that he just touched the van and then the driver began swearing at him.
Judge Longstone gave judgement for the amount claimed, with costs. Mr. C. R. Lymn appeared for Squires.

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