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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - 26 April 1918 (Document)

All persons having any Claims or Demands against the estate of Mr. Peter Bourne, late of Shirley Hall, Brailsford, in the County of Derby, farmer, who died on the 11th day of April, 1918, are requested to send particulars forthwith to us, the undersigned solicitors for the administratrix.
     Dated this 16th day of April, 1918.
          EDDOWES & SIMM
The chairman said they were very sorry to hear of the death of Mr. Peter Bourne, who until a short time ago was the representative on the council for the parish of Shirley, and they welcomed Mr. J. W. Brown, who, he hoped, would prove a useful member as his predecessor had done.
Mr. Brown said it would be his endeavour to do his duty in the important position to which he had been appointed.
The usual return relating to the wages of agricultural labourers was asked for, and it was agreed that the clerk should be instructed to report to the Board of Trade that the average wages for the district were from 30s. to 32s. per week, as compared with 25s. to 27s. per week last year.

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