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Derby Daily Telegraph - 4 July 1904 (Document)

FOUND DEAD NEAR ASHBOURNE.— The following is a description of a man, name unknown, who was found dead in a bye-lane leading off the Derby road to Shirley, on the 30th June:— Name, unknown; occupation, appearance of a collier; age, about 65 years; height, about 5ft. 5in.; complexion, sallow; stout; face, round; eyes, blue; hair, grey; bald on top of head; and clean shaven. Marks: Lost right foot at instep, wore iron down side of foot. Black soft hat, moleskin and brown cord pants, grey overcoat, dark grey trousers patched at knee. There should be no difficulty in establishing the identity of the man, he having his right foot amputated at the instep. He had in his possession a silver watch, name on face "Kay's Triumph," Swiss make; number inside case 330—0.935—524; also a label in back of watch W. Barron Clark, watchmaker and jeweller, Boston and Peterbro'.

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