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Derby Daily Telegraph - 13 October 1903 (Document)

TUESDAY.— Mr. Registrar W. B. Woodforde.
(The various debtors were examined by the Official Receiver, Mr. F. Stone.)
RE WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON.— This debtor (for whom Mr. J. T. Wykes appeared) was at one time a farmer, in business near Shirley, but was now working on the road. His assets were £14 and his liabilities £109. Debtor was not able to give an intelligible account of his affairs.— The official receiver: Can't you remember anything about it?— Debtor: Not much. When the trouble began I put it into Mr. Wykes's hands and had done with.— Debtor was closely questioned as to the sale of certain stock to Mr. Morley, cattle dealer, on the eve of his bankruptcy, and he said he gave £14 of the proceeds to his solicitor. One of the causes of his bankruptcy was the borrowing of money at an exorbitant rate of interest.— The examination was closed.

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