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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal - 28 November 1902 (Document)

THURSDAY, Nov. 20th.
(Before H. C. Okeover, T. O. Farmer, and C. G. Busby, Esqrs.)
Leonard Bull, labourer, Hollington, George Warner, labourer, Yeldersley, George Murfin, labourer, Brailsford, and Isaac Clarke, labourer, Yeldersley, were summoned for being drunk and disorderly at Shirley, on Nov. 12th.— Police Constable Murray said that he heard a disturbance near Shirley School, and on proceeding there saw the defendants fighting together and creating a big row. They were all drunk and using very bad language. He considered the defendant Murfin to be the worst of them.— For the defence Thomas Wheeldon was called. He stated that Murfin was the aggressor, and the others only acted in self defence. All the defendants were sober at the time though they had all had beer.— Defendant's denied being drunk, and said that Murfin was the man that caused all the trouble.— Warner, Bull, and Clarke were fined 2s. 6d. with 9s. costs each, and a warrant was issued for Murfin who did not appear.

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